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It’s still just a game

Always consider business to be a game.  It’s a sport that we are playing.  Be mindful we’re not involved in life and death decisions, we’re not confronted with sickness and sadness as we conduct our daily selling tasks.  Considering the misfortune some people experience in the world, there is no such thing as “having a […]

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Don’t grow your seed of doubt

In the first two months of their careers, sales people are blindly enthusiastic, seeing an abundance of opportunity everywhere they look.
Because they lack product knowledge, they listen more closely to customers. They believe everything they’re taught. They take to the sales field and do everything they’re employed to do – without question and without distraction.

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The 7 steps of a sale

Every sale should go through a structured process involving a series of 7 steps.
We know from experience that sales people who follow these steps – from locating a customer to securing a sales order – will experience an increase in sales, or their sales will provide a better financial return.

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