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Table Of Contents

Stories from the front line 
Selling red apples
Part 1: Before you start
1.1 What’s it all for?
1.2 Positive can do
1.3 It’s my job
Part 2: The 7 steps of a sale
2.1 Stepping through a sale
2.2 The numbers game
2.3 You can’t store sleep
2.4 The first date
2.5 Entertain me
2.6 The proposal
2.7 Let’s talk
2.8 Signed, sealed and ordered
2.9 Sorry about your loss
Stories from the front line
Elly’s new job
Part 3: What’s your sales story?
3.1 What are we really selling?
3.2 Competitive advantage
3.3 Emotional reality
3.4 Help them fall
Part 4: But wait, there’s more
4.1 The “no doubt” attribute
4.2 When on stage
4.3 Trust me, I’m a salesman
4.4 You’re not alone
4.5 Two golden rules
4.6 That’s not what I think I said
4.7 Future sales
4.8 Overwhelming, yet simple
Stories from the front line
Selling water
Part 5: Selling for profit
Part 6: Action time
6.1 A small and deliberate action plan
6.2 Our greatest competitor
Stories from the frontline
The World Sales Championship
Final recap


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